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Kelley Fecteau: Program Director


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     Hildie, service dog for 7 yrs for owner Kelley Fecteau. Hildie passed on to Rainbow Bridge on 03-11-2011

 We are required to maintain records of all immunizations and copies of licensure for all members .(Owners must submit new records every year) All members will receive a picture ID for their SD/SA, PSD/PSA which also had basic laws on reverse. This ID must be carried at all time the animal is in public. Upon graduation members will receive a permanent ID .

We are required by law to maintain records for all members .

Please Download Contract Below and Fill out. Return to the address listed on first page.


Please be sure to fill in all information accurately and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Suzanne J. Perry Scholarship

This scholarship was created originally by Sue Perry (one of the founding members of RSD) and Kelley Fecteau to assist people who are extremely low income, veterans, or homeless in obtaining the services of training required allowing them to have their service dogs and achieve independent living and housing without issues as a regard of the certification of such animals. 

Sue, who had experienced homelessness herself with her small dog, recently passed of pancreatic cancer. Her Motto: “Help others whenever possible because we cannot leave this life with material things just the memories of all that we have done” A Scholarship for individuals who are in need of service dogs but cannot afford all the necessary training supplies. The scholarship, when funds are available assist in helping clients achieve success in the training of their animals allowing discounts on top of the already low fees. 

Please feel free to visit our webpage and click on the donation link or call us if you would like to send a donation via check to Rainbow Service Dogs