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Rainbow Service Animals

# 04-3749362

Kelley Fecteau: Program Director


P.O.BOX 64093
TUCSON, AZ 85728


     Hildie, service dog for 7 yrs for owner Kelley Fecteau. Hildie passed on to Rainbow Bridge on 03-11-2011

 We are required to maintain records of all immunizations and copies of licensure for all members .(Owners must submit new records every year) All members will receive a picture ID for their SD/SA, PSD/PSA which also had basic laws on reverse. This ID must be carried at all time the animal is in public. Upon graduation members will receive a permanent ID .

We are required by law to maintain records for all members .

Please Download Contract Below and Fill out. Return to the address listed on first page.


Please be sure to fill in all information accurately and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Our Current Members and Their Service Dogs

Shanti: Kelley Fecteau, Erin Madden

Mugs and Skittles: Don & Jane Edwards

Dear Kelley, because of you and Sue P, we have Mugs and Skittles. I can't imagine life without them. They have helped us thru this past year. So very loyal and loving. They have given Don a reason to walk to the mail box and do a few things. You both will always have a special place in our hearts. It seems just yesterday that we both met the two of you at the mall. How that changed our lives. Thank you j

Yodi: Tyler Woods

Rico: Tim Lewis, Sylvia Haskovitz

Lakota: Barbara Martin 

Stella: Sammi Stimpson

Daisy-Mae: Lela Powell

Chakita: Angel Welch

Tink: Kelley Fecteau, Erin Madden 

Abby: Phung Cheng

Okwari: Karakwennenta Peterson

Jezebel: Natalia Lopez

Goldie: Sue Perry

Truth: Emilie King / Fern Gonzalez

Daisey: Leslie Quinlin

Bodhi: Kelley Fecteau, Erin Madden

Moose: Shell McCallum

Jolene: Ryan Lindberg

Coco: Joni M. Dunn

Gus Gus: Krisjana Dunn

Miester- Linda Carter

Stonehur: Allan Godfrey

Skyy: Ramona Hernandez

Joey: Shirley Miller / Sue Perry

Zoey: Arika Major/ Heide Avilla

Johnnie: Shirley Miller / Sue Perry

Dark Nation: Skylar Colavito

Angelic: Kenda Winans

Caesar: Lisa Hermann

Riley: Bert Landau

Moriarity: Helen Emrick

Java: Katrina Carnagey

Ginger: Mellanie Collins

Lola-James Thurber

Moose: Kenda Winans

Kodi: Maia Lee

Bixley: Dawn Odenwaller

Bhoga- William Sullivan

Mitsu: Maia Lee

Kanashi -Lisa Hermann


Yoda- Natalia Lopez

Miss Millie-Joni M. Dunn

Oliver -Shirley Miller


Cindy:Robert Marsch

Many of these animals provide the following services:

  • Seizure Alert
  • Diabetic Alert
  • PTSD Alert
  • Mobility Support
  • Balance Support
  • Sleep Apnea Alert
  • Medication alert
  • Grounding
  • Hearing 
  • Retrieval
  • Autistic