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Rainbow Service Animals

# 04-3749362

Kelley Fecteau: Program Director


P.O.BOX 64093
TUCSON, AZ 85728


     Hildie, service dog for 7 yrs for owner Kelley Fecteau. Hildie passed on to Rainbow Bridge on 03-11-2011

 We are required to maintain records of all immunizations and copies of licensure for all members .(Owners must submit new records every year) All members will receive a picture ID for their SD/SA, PSD/PSA which also had basic laws on reverse. This ID must be carried at all time the animal is in public. Upon graduation members will receive a permanent ID .

We are required by law to maintain records for all members .

Please Download Contract Below and Fill out. Return to the address listed on first page.


Please be sure to fill in all information accurately and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Tucson Pet Expo 2015

Tucson Pet Expo Winners

Dog Basket full of all amenities and supplies:

Tim Nolan of Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue.

Training Voucher (6 months): 

Jim Conti of PHADD (He donated it ...and now PACC has it to Re-auction. He also won the Chihuahua Treat Box 

Boxer Treat Box: Marly Wright Dog Candle: Lori Smith

Germ Shep Box & Dog Bowl : Barbara Kuela

Salt & Pepper Shakers: Terry B. Cat Tea Pot: 

We made several connections at the Tucson Pet Expo including:

Chuck Levy, Yummy Chummies,

At the end of the show, Mr. Levy donated any remaining product to RSD for training. We look forward to working with him again.

Free, Pet Styling Pros.

He is an amazing mobile groomer who takes time to know each and every animal...is very gently and aims for perfection in his work. He recently groomed our Service Dog Tink and upon his completion she danced around happily showing off her new cut...She has never been so excited about being groomed.