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Kelley Fecteau: Program Director


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     Hildie, service dog for 7 yrs for owner Kelley Fecteau. Hildie passed on to Rainbow Bridge on 03-11-2011

 We are required to maintain records of all immunizations and copies of licensure for all members .(Owners must submit new records every year) All members will receive a picture ID for their SD/SA, PSD/PSA which also had basic laws on reverse. This ID must be carried at all time the animal is in public. Upon graduation members will receive a permanent ID .

We are required by law to maintain records for all members .

Please Download Contract Below and Fill out. Return to the address listed on first page.


Please be sure to fill in all information accurately and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Rainbow Service Dogs

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Rainbow Service Dogs (RSD) is a non-profit agency. RSD assists individuals in locating suitable animals to train as a service animal. We work with animals control centers and the Humane Society to obtain suitable animals for program participants.  All potential animals are tested  for aggression, noise response and behavior issues prior to adoption. The animals must display non aggression to other animals, children and adults.

Individuals are responsible for all adopted animals, their adoption fees, shots, and spaying. (It is a requirement that all animals to be trained for service be neutered or spayed) to ensure they live an independent and prosperous life.

Our program offers a sliding scale for all training fees. Our sliding scale is based on income. Training sessions for group range from $12.00-$16.00 each. There are two one hour sessions available per week for each handler/dog team. We also offer a class for children once a week. Private training run $15.00-18.00
each again based on income. In home training are $25.00 per session. The first 3 months payment for groups are due upon entry and is non-refundable if you choose to leave the program.

Fees include for service dog members; all CGC/ CGCU/CGCA testings . As for the AKC filing fee of $20.00 per test, 15.00 AKC PAL registration (if not AKC registered), are the responsibility of the owner of the dog. Also if one chooses to have the patch for each test, they must pay the fee of $9.00 per patch.

Upon Entrance to the program members are given a welcome packet containing schedules and sample training logs as well as a list of rules and expectations.

Members will be required to RENT A training bandana to utilize for 1 year until graduation. Rental fees for bananas are listed in contract.

Vests are ordered by staff and will not be ordered until fully paid for within membership. Also members will only receive vests upon graduation. Until graduation, members must rent an In Training bandana for 16.00 per 6 months thus $32.00 for the year. Upon graduation, the vest then belongs to the individual. Prior members to June 2016 (If the individual does not complete the program, the vest must be returned in good condition and the member loses fees paid for the vest.)

Goals and Agreements of RSD

  • We discourage discrimination against the disabled who are accompanied by working animals
  • We promote awareness of individuals accompanied by service animals.
  • We will provide training and knowledge (offer workshops) to public and private sectors
  • We will educate staff on proper etiquette around service animals. All staff and peer trainers undergo assessments bi-annually
  • We will educate all staff on service animal laws and their requirements in dealing with service animals
  • We will address problems due to apartment living and other access issues.
  • We will participate in programs that assist members in obtaining accessible housing, public areas, transportation, job opportunities & community programs that offer volunteer positions or jobs.

Services Included Assisting Disabled People With

  • Acquiring a Service Dog (Animal).
  • Learning and sharing training techniques
  • We assist in mediation between housing, landlord, transportation authorities
  • We offer peer advocacy within counseling, court hearings, medical
  • appointments and other areas deemed necessary
  • We train you to train your dog therefor the animal is accustomed to you giving commands.
  • We strive to ensure individuals with disabilities are treated with respect.
  • We strive to ensure people who are accompanied by their service dogs (animals) and guide dogs are not excluded from places of business and public activities
  • We, along with our affiliates, strive to educate the public about SERVICE dogs, their roles and the differences between service animals and Emotional SUPPORT / Companion animals. We strive to educate all agencies and physicians of the difference of public access for SERVICE dogs in comparison to Emotional SUPPORT Animals.
  • RSD shares no information with others. All member info is regarded as highly confidential and released only at member's written request.
Americans With Disabilities Act states that anyone depending on an animal to function should be allowed full access to all private businesses that serve the public, like restaurants, stores and theaters. The law specifies that such animals must be trained specifically to assist their owner.
Service Animal types range and are not "Dog Specific". Although any service animals after March 2012 must only be dogs and miniature horses. Animals may provide either Psychiatric or Service related tasks that assist in the daily ADL functions of their owners.

Member Number is: 85630

Member of: The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners